Dinner Menu

Brined sea bream with cauliflower, crispy cannelloni, shizo and a vinaigrette of lime.
Optional 30 grams of caviar to share. Baeri €40-, or Imperial €60-.

Slowly poached codfish with homemade pickles, fennel, tomatoes, clams and dashi.

Monkfish with zucchini from the BBQ, watercress and a beurre blanc with fenugreek.

Poached guinea fowl with mushroom, plums and foie gras.(belongs to the 6-course menu)

oasted and braised veal with ‘Karaage’ sweetbread, Jerusalem artichoke, jasmin tea and a miso sauce.

Burgundian cheeses
(Optional 17.50)

Dessert of peach, raspberry and tonic bean.

5 Courses


6 Courses

All dishes from the menu can also be ordered á la carte.



Main course


Changing Lunch Menu

4 Courses


5 Courses