MOS Amsterdam

About Mos

The experience

At MOS Amsterdam it is all about the total experience, everything has to be right. The atmosphere, the food, the service and the location all combine to create a unique experience for our guests and ourselves.

Since the doors of MOS Amsterdam opened on 15 August 2015, the partners Henry Pattiwael van Westerloo and Egon van Hoof have seen their restaurant grow into a true home. A home for returning guests, a home for employees and a new home for each new guest. That is what MOS Amsterdam is all about, making everyone feel good, accompanied by spectacular dishes and a good glass of wine, in a nice informal atmosphere. It was partly because of this that Michelin awarded the restaurant a star in 2016.

The Location

Located across the lively IJ River from the ADAM Tower and the EYE Museum, the view from MOS Amsterdam restaurant is nothing short of spectacular. After a long search, Henry and Egon found the perfect location for their new business. With central station within easy reach, a parking garage and a city marina harbour on the premises, the restaurant is easily accessible by bicycle, car, public transport and even by boat.


MOS Amsterdam has a warm interior with chic accents, yet the ambiance remains relaxed. It is a place where everyone is welcome and where everyone can feel at home. With the different spaces in the restaurant, each space has its own atmosphere, colours, view and thus its own experience.